Since 2005, our company ,ATT Plus ltd. cooperates on development of a new generation feeds for 23 and 13 cm bands. Feeds, with circular cross-section utilize 5 step septum polarizer. Feeds were designed by Mr. Rastislav Galuscak and Mr Pavel Hazdra, from Czech Technical University in Prague. 

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining technology is used for feed production. This technology insure reproduce feeds with very good agreement between computed and real parameters. Feed`s RF parameters are checked  during manufacturing on measuring site.

To gain a better understanding of feed`s modern design, new articles will be subsequently published, to map progress from first design of this feed in Czech Republic up to nowadays.

Documents to download

Prime-focuscircular waveguide feed with septum polarization transformer .pdf ing.Rastislav Galuščák OM6AA, ing.Pavel Hazdra, DUBUS 1/2007
Square Septum Feed with Rectangular Corrugated (Chaparral) Choke Power Point file (1.3 MB)
ing.Pavel Hazdra, June 2005, Rev 5
circular polarization and polarization losses .pdf
ing.Rastislav Galuščák OM6AA, ing.Pavel Hazdra, DUBUS 4/2006
OK1CA, DUBUS 4/2004
OM6AA, DUBUS 4/2004
European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2006)


OM6AA, DUBUS 4/2004


Development of Septum Feed SF23AA - ATT Plus s.r.o.
Photo from Development
Development of Septum Feed SF23AA - FEL ČVUT Praha
SF23AA (SN26020632) + CSF23AA (SN2620633)
SF23AA (SN26020634) + CSF23AA (SN2620635)
SF23AA (SN26021033) for Project BIG-DISH 2007 8N1EME
144, 432 and 1296 MHz Feed for Project BIG-DISH 2007 8n1EME